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Fiction Archive (Master List)
First established: 24th December, 2006
Last updated: 29th June, 2012
Warning: Most of these reads are NOT worksafe!

I am reposting these websites / fiction purely in the interest of preservation. I try to repost the entire story or website as is, courtesy of the Wayback Machine, whenever possible. Please note that for all of these, I am NOT the author, just a humble reposter. If you're too young or too closed-minded about some of the things you read here, please feel free to leave.

By Author
Angelina Vansen
Author of darker and more angsty Star Trek: Voyager fics such as Mobile Unit Body (Entity) and the uber Gunmetal Dark (unfinished) she seems to have disappeared. According to this forum post she had a baby and is still working on Gunmetal Dark. (26/02/2007 version)

Chimera Bloom
S/he used to write some interesting Buffy/Willow, ST:Voyager, and original lesbian fics. (12/02/2005 version)

Sharon Bowers
Sharon Bowers' body of works before her site went on indefinite hiatus, which includes a draft of her Lucifer Rising. What's not included: her ER series, Ten Degrees of Separation (2006) and Grey's Anatomy fic, The Bigger Picture: First Exposure (with Kate Monteiro) (2009). (14/06/2004 version)

thememoriesfire WIPs (dropbox)
A collection of WIPs by [archiveofourown.org profile] thememoriesfire, as collected by fans on [tumblr.com profile] tumfslove.

By Fiction
Original Alt/Uber
Kink Series, The by Penumbra
"LPD Detective Delaney Covington investigates a gruesome murder. The bloody tracks lead to a nightclub and to its enigmatic owner..." (06/04/2003 version)

Perfect Pitch by JC Wilder
Marseline Madson is a high-powered attorney who has been tasked with raising funds for a women's minor league baseball team. Christine Alexander, one of her neighbors who is less abled / mentally handicapped, turns out to be one of the best candidates for the league. When Marsi argued against Chris' acceptance into the league, is she simply being protective out of Chris' own good, or is there something more to it? (09/12/2000 version)

Speed of the Beat Of My Heart, The by Michal Salat and Joann Muscolo*
The volatile relationship between an english professor and tattoo artist/former mobster. Unfinished. (18/02/2003 version)

Star Trek: Enterprise
Many Tongues by LEZTrek (T'Pol/Hoshi)
One of the longer works regarding T'Pol and Hoshi mediating through Vulcan courtship rituals as well as the Pon Farr. (24/07/2004 version)

Sum Of Both, The by Jintian (T'Pol/Hoshi)
An expansion of the "Sleeping Dogs" ep.

Star Trek: Voyager
Progress by MercyCroft (J/7) (kudos to WeirdTwin)
"Janeway was standing in the door to Sandrine’s watching Seven play the piano."

Scars series: Permanent Scars, Tell Me, Noir d'Or, Ambrosia, Revelation by Ellen Milholland (J/7; warning: angst)
"...second chances in an unforgiving universe..." (17/11/01 version)

Ellen Series, The by Adrian D. Ives (X-Centric)
(1) Where the Line is Drawn (2) This Island in Your Tears
(3) No Words for This (4) Do Scullies Dream of Electric Sex?
"On the trail of a sadistic serial sex killer who preys on lonely thirty-something professional women, Scully becomes drawn into a highly dangerous relationship, one which will show her that it's not quite so simple to stay on the right side of the line." (warning: BDSM) (July 2003 and Feb 2007 version)

Xena: Warrior Princess
Conqueror Series by LJ Maas
The conqueror has ruled Greece with an iron fist for 20 years or so. Enter Gabrielle the slave...

Penance, Blood Meridian, Ascension, Opacity by Penumbra - XWP Conqueror* (February / April 2003 version)
Xena the Conqueror saves Gabrielle from a group of soldiers and takes her to be a body slave.

By Website
The last working version of femfic.org before it got taken down for perpetual renovations. (13/12/2004 version)

Greenegret's F/F Slash Links
The legendary femmeslash link archive. (16/04/2004 version)

Swollen Buds Awards, The
Awards website that was once available on Beyond Uber that offered some pretty good reads. (04/12/2004 version)


Fic Preservation Links

Star Trek: Voyager
J/7 Lost Author - Fanfiction Index
The title speaks for itself.

Lost Voyager Archive
"This is an archive for Star Trek: Voyager Janeway/Seven fanfiction that has become lost on the Internet."

Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena Dinosaur Bards
Cousinliz's copies of old Xena fics. :)


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