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Birthdate:Jun 25

Established October 2005

Purpose of this Journal
This is my reading journal; most of the posts will be curated linkspams. As someone who reads a lot of femslash, the majority of the posts will involve recs and reviews of alternative original, uber, and fan fictions in whatever genre I happen to be reading at the time. Anything that is off the topic (of reading) is usually hidden under a friend's cut.

  • I do not write any of the things you find linked from this journal with the exception of the reviews. The opinions expressed in those entries are my own and are for constructive criticism purposes only. Some of the things that I review may be drafts that will be reworked for publication.
  • Many of the things that I link to are or will be of adult-nature. If there happens to be some further interesting plot twist, you'll usually find warnings attached with the description.
  • If you're too young or too closed-minded about some of the things you read here, please feel free to leave.
  • If you've got other rec's that are different from what I've got (but are on par in quality, length, and so on) feel free to leave comments where appropriate. I usually like longer, meatier works, but I'm always interested in a good read ;)

    Fanfiction Reading Background
    Started out in anime ff (Ranma 1/2 golden era, Ah! My Goddess) in the mid '90s;
    fell down the (f/f) rabbit hole literally with PinkRabbit productions;
    into Scullyslash (x-files for those unfamiliar);
    into original fic with Radclyffe;
    into and the like for BtVS femmeslash;
    into XWP/uberdom with The Academy of Bards and Missy Good;
    into ST:V with G. L. Dartt and the uber with Anik LaChev;
    into HP femmeslash occasionally;
    into The Devil Wears Prada power-play awesomeness...
    and next? No idea. :)

    Activities on Dreamwidth
    -I try to help the Dreamwidth F/F community (both new and old) by compiling a list of F/F Community Links on [community profile] girlgay. It's a true community effort!
    -Once in a blue moon I will post some recommendations on [community profile] fancake, or post some random awesome on [community profile] sauce.
    -I'm one of those Dreamwidth power browsers that scans through DW's /latest feature (aka, the hive mind) and drops a relevant comment in someone else's journal. (if that's why you're here, checking out my profile; hi! *waves*)

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