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Currently testing out Pinboard. Excuse the mess while I start bookmarking all over again since AVOS fucked up the tags and timestamps during the export. *sighs*

Edit: I think I figured out a way to organize the tags without the tag bundle functionality that works for me, anyway. I'll continue to add bookmarks over the next few days. I also cleaned up a few things... )
FYI, the great delicious migration spreadsheet that I linked to in the last post was down temporarily but it's now up. [livejournal.com profile] jedusaur has also set up a [livejournal.com profile] pinboard community. (there's now also [community profile] pinboard!)

further adventures in pinboard )

Update: [personal profile] bookshop has collected some useful migration information together in this post, including but not limited to how to salvage your delicious a/c bookmarks through a possible hack, more #deliciousfail reactions, and the [twitter.com profile] pinboard/fandom relationship ([personal profile] niqaeli also wrote about this but in a more cautious manner, carefully considering whether the payment model was viable in the long run).

Also: *dies laughing* The Morning After by [archiveofourown.org profile] ambyr (Pinboard/Fandom, anthropomorphic)

Fandom, you rock!
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The Current Process
1. I read a fic.

2. I decide that I like the fic.

3. I bookmark the fic in a 'to rec' folder.

4. I keep adding many fics in this fashion, until my 'to rec' folder becomes too long and unruly that I have to scroll down to reach the end. By this time my earlier additions (towards the top of the folder) are at least a few days old and I would have read many other things.

5. I browse my 'to rec' folder and re-read the fics again, often quickly, for a few things:

(a) the impact factor (if it made a deeper impression (on me), I can actually remember a few details and have a fairly good impression of later parts of the fic when I'm scrolling down the earlier parts);

(b) how the rec might fit into the larger recommendation set (does the fic offer anything interesting that other fics might not?).

6. I decide whether some fics are worth recommending and/or mentioning. This usually takes place simultaneously with step 7.

7. I write and code a draft of my recs post. This takes at least a few hours. What takes the longest is probably the part where I add appropriate non-spoiler commentary to accompany the recs that doesn't just say, "it's good/hot/awesome, please read it."

Note: I should add a caveat that on IRC, that would fly; for some reason, however, people like reading longer descriptive posts on the blogosphere. For that very reason, I tend to rec more fics on IRC, particularly fics that are less...substantive. :P

8. I delete my 'to rec' list in preparation for the next batch.

9. Once in a blue moon I check my 'to read' bookmarks folder to try to clear it. These contain WIPs, long series I might have read half-way, and fics that others have rec'ed that I have yet to read.

10. Repeat 1-9.

I've always wanted to organize my rec by themes - eg: the female lesbian pirate captain trope, fic couplets (what kind of fics would go well together?), and fics by genre (eg: angst, mystery, romance, x-overs, etc.).
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I know that there are others who object to the use of femslash (because it's derived from 'slash', and seems to imply that femslash works can't stand on their own worth).

more... )
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It's only when you're rereading something through the wayback machine that you realize how precious works of fiction are on the internet. One minute it's up, the next it could be lost forever. The wayback machine isn't perfect; it doesn't seem to capture the webpages for chapters 148 and on for that classic Xena uber, The Speed of the Beat of My Heart by Michal Salat and Joann Muscolo, for example (something I just realized during my recent reread). more... )


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