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Happy birthday eneri! :D

Avengers, The
RED by [archiveofourown.org profile] waldorph (Maria/Natasha)
"These are not all lies."

This has been rec'ed quite a bit, so I'm sure you've come across it before, but wow, Natasha comes off as such a badass. :DD

Louisville to Lemonade by [archiveofourown.org profile] headcannon (Santana/Rachel AU) (kudos to [tumblr.com profile] santana-lopez)
"Santana can’t help that she comes across as judgmental. Truth is, she wouldn’t come across as judgmental if other people didn’t suck at first impressions and come across as backwoods yokels who are betrothed to their first cousins (hypothetically)."

This one was cute. :) The cluelessness was a tad exaggerated, I thought, but very cute nonetheless.

This Must Be The Place by [archiveofourown.org profile] gollumgollum (Santana/Brittany, Carlos/Jake AU; The Losers x-over)
"Santana is eight years old when her Tio Carlos joins the Army."

Interesting read.

Legend of the Seeker
Absolution by [archiveofourown.org profile] simplesetgo (Kahlan/Cara, dark!fic)
"As a Mord-Sith, Cara knew that everyone had dark parts of their lives that they kept from even those they loved. But nothing could prepare her for what lay hidden in Kahlan's past."

The author had an interesting concept, good execution, and made me wonder what happened after.

While the Cat's Away by [archiveofourown.org profile] marysutherland (Irene/Kate) (thanks eneri!)
"Kate and Irene are on the run; Sarah and John are going for a run. And Sherlock could be anywhere."

Strong narrative voice, visually arresting. I instantly had an Indian narrator doing voice over for some reason.

Rec update

Jun. 29th, 2012 09:26 pm
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I figure it's about time for an update.

[personal profile] trancer21's femslash longfic recs
These recs look really good. They were rec'ed back in April but I forgot about this link until I was clearing my bookmarks just now...hope to read all of them eventually!

dropbox: thememoriesfire WIPs
A collection of WIPs by [archiveofourown.org profile] thememoriesfire, as collected by fans on [tumblr.com profile] tumfslove. I hadn't realized that she had posted a scene from the planned sequel to AoCC so this was a bit of a treat! :)

I Forgot The Bitter (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) by [livejournal.com profile] smc_27 (Puck/Rachel AU)
"Puck owns a bar [in Brooklyn] and Rachel opens a bakery next door."

This one is a super sweet AU that may make readers feel hungry, due to all the mention of delicious food. :)

Kingdom Up for Sale by [profile] professor_spork (Quinn/Sam friendship, gen)
"She owes him, and he needs her."

I really liked the way the author fleshes this one out.

Out of the Shadows by [livejournal.com profile] marysutherland (Harry/Kate) (kudos to eneri)
"Irene Adler's escaped from London, but not everyone can escape her."

This one made for an interesting read.

Warehouse 13
Catalysis by [archiveofourown.org profile] winged_mammal (Myka/Helena) (kudos to [personal profile] hibernate)
Myka keeps accidentally having sex with H.G.. She's not okay with this. (Except for the part where she totally is.)

[personal profile] hibernate said sometime ago that it was hot and made the 2nd person POV really work; I completely agree. The artifact case was also somewhat mysterious, which made it memorable beyond the well-written smut.

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1. The reclists should now be arranged without articles like "A, An, and The" at the beginning, since that's what y'all voted for earlier. Please let me know in the comments to this post if I missed one. :)

2. Now that the Yuletide reveals have been up for a while the last batch of recs have been tagged with the rightful authors, and have been merged with the rest of the notables. :)

3. Moved These Strange Steps by [archiveofourown.org profile] thememoriesfire (Glee, Quinn/Rachel, stripper!quinn, warning:BDSM) from WIP to Notables page, since it's now finished. Unfortunately, the other WIP that involved a genderswap by TMF seems to have been put on the backburner (aka, discontinued) due to a writer's block.

fancake banner for round 15 female characters: thematic multi-fandom recs

The entries for [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle are now up. Be sure to let your favorites know how much you appreciate their work!

Mostly Femslash Recs: Fringe (1), Glee (1), HP (1), Lost Girl (2), Sherlock (1), ST:V (1), Sunshine (1) (warning: adult, not work-safe!) )
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...back at the beginning of July. I know that this recs update is a little overdue (I think I said sometime end of July, beginning of August). I also intended to add recommendation commentary to every single fic I've posted below, but if I did that, I think I'd delay posting this for another week or two (I hope to add that eventually). I forgot I had a couple of bookmarks in my ipad too, so these recs go back to April. :) Hope you enjoy!

(BTW, authors are still posting fics for [community profile] femslash11. You can find the masterlist of fics (by recipient) on this LJ post.)

Mostly femslash recs: Fringe (3), Glee (15), Harry Potter (2), Hawaii Five-0 (2), Rizzoli & Isles (1), RPF (2), Saving Face (1), She's the Man (1), Sherlock (2), True Blood (1), Warehouse 13 (3) (adult, not work-safe) )
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Via [community profile] ebooks: The Smell of Books
Does your Kindle leave you feeling like there’s something missing from your reading experience?


Short Fiction
None of your Business by Natalia Klyuchareva (Words Without Borders) (kudos to [personal profile] yumiyoshi)
"A young boy tries to discipline his alcoholic parents, to shock them into changing their ways. Wallows in the depravity of human nature, yet the story (and the people) carry on."

Came across this story through DW's Latest Things; there's something really interesting about this one.

Mostly Femslash Recs: Bitch Slap (1), Glee (2), HP (5), Oglaf (2), Sherlock (1), Spartacus: Blood and Sand (1) (warning: adult, not work-safe) )


Feb. 25th, 2011 08:12 pm
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2D Goggles or The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage by Sydney Padua (nerd humor) (kudos to [livejournal.com profile] beatonna)
Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage fight crime with the Differential Engine! (AU)

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Virtual Season 2 has started posting, with the 1st ep (Fallout) by [livejournal.com profile] inspectorboxer.
Does anyone know what the posting schedule is like? (discover/reread?: virtual season 1)

fuckyeahwomeninarmor (tumblr), run by [personal profile] mswyrr - help submit a pic! :)

Apparently anyone can create a DW account without an invite code until February 28th.


Anik La Chev has taken down Campus (ST:V uber) and Jungle Fever (Hospital Central uber) in preparation for publication, therefore those links will be taken down from the notables list. :(

Lost Girl
Ways to Tell You I'm Sorry by [livejournal.com profile] heartsways is now complete, updated the links on the main notables page.

Rizzoli & Isles
A Little Cold Series by [livejournal.com profile] snuffnyc is now complete, updated links. eneri has been bugging me to read it. Yes, it was a pretty cute read; it addressed certain imbalances towards the middle and had a bit of a case fic aspect towards the later segments.

Recs: DWP (1), Glee (1), HP (2), Sherlock (2) (warning: adult, not work-safe!) )
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(1) More on gendered spaces on the internet.
New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets (kudos to [personal profile] lian)
Based on a survey of 300,000+ users: "Although men and women follow a similar number of Twitter users, men have 15% more followers than women. Men also have more reciprocated relationships, in which two users follow each other. This 'follower split' suggests that women are driven less by followers than men, or have more stringent thresholds for reciprocating relationships."

Where Are the Women in Wikipedia? (kudos to [personal profile] terriko)
"...despite [Wikipedia's] openness, surveys suggest that less than 15 percent of Wikipedia's contributors are women."

(2) Two "Daily" newspapers: showcasing the technology disparity between the rich and poor
US$0.14 a day: 'The Daily' launched for iPad* (BBC) vs Alfred Sirleaf's free 'Daily Talk' chalkboard newspaper in Monrovia, Liberia (Monocle).

*=someone has already created an index of all the free web-friendly articles here so you can have a peek without the iPad or having to pay for it (why?).

Update 6/2/11:
(3) For eneri (and gonz, by way of extension), since I know the two of you are foodies at heart: Potluck, "a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights, and cultural and racial issues." (kudos to [personal profile] starlady)

Useful Links
FanFictionDownloader (kudos to [personal profile] beatrice_otter)
Downloads ff.net, squidge, and fanficauthors.net fics into ePub, PDF, RTF, TXT, Mobi, LIT, LRF, and other formats.

Recs: Fringe, HP, Sherlock (warning: not work-safe) )
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just as I'm headed off for a reunion dinner. Happy lunar new year to those who celebrate it! :)

[personal profile] skud: Ebook discussions flying under the radar (via [personal profile] starlady)
On gendered spaces on the internet: "there was a really fascinating, complicated, crunchy conversation going on, mostly among women, mostly on LJ/DW, that the tech blogs and other parts of the web don’t seem to have noticed."

[personal profile] skud: Wanted: recommended DW journals for non DWers

Useful links: epub fanfic archives, useful ebook links... )

recs: little women(1), sherlock (2) )
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I wish everyone a most joyous new year ahead!

BBC: Bend It Like Beckham was the "1st ever Western-made film to air on TV" in North Korea. To celebrate the occasion (any mention of subtext probably being censored), here's some femslash from that genre (AO3, femslash_today tags), because there can never be enough about girls playing football. I still think that a Bend It Like Beckham/10 Things I Hate About You/She's The Man cross-over fic would be epic.

Writing resource: A brief guide to handcuffs (and how to escape them). (kudos to [personal profile] cobweb_diamond)

Just Another Day In The Secret Base by [personal profile] ankaret (Disney Princesses Superheroes - kruegan, gen)
"It's just another day in the secret base, and PrincessForce are dealing with internal conflicts, an intruder, a prince in need of rescue and a misplaced rabbit." A fun and very clever read. Oh, the bickering...

Fringe(1), HP(2), and Sherlock(1) )

Update: 1/1/11 - Edited The Notables and several posts for Yuletide author reveals. I was surprised to have rec'ed someone on my reading list. ^^;;;
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[personal profile] skipthedemon: Why Olivia Dunham (and Fringe) is fucking awesome.
The section on Olivia Dunham calls out that trope about female heroines having to be in touch with *feelings*.

Femslash recs: Glee(1), HP(3), Sherlock(2) )


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