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Genre: Web series, Sci-fi, drama
Synopsis: "An object falls from the sky and spreads radiation over North America. Homeland Security Agents are dispatched to investigate and contain the damage. What they find will have implications for the entire world."
Official Website: http://www.pioneerone.tv
Comments: Kickass first season (6 eps total); I think that it really does deserve the award for the best plot for the New York Television Festival, and is leaps ahead of RCVR, which is available on Youtube. I suppose it's also interesting that this series was partly funded through crowd-funding initiatives like Kickstarter and Vodo, and how it was and continues to be distributed through torrents. There's even free subtititles in various languages that you can download.

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Episode One: Earthfall )
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I'm in a super happy mood right now; I just found out that my good friend M managed to get me a personalized copy of Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant during her book tour. Thanks, M, for being awesome!

Participants from [community profile] ladiesbigbang have started to post! Here's the posting schedule.

At [community profile] fancake this months's rec theme is science fiction. Would appreciate some femslash recs over there:

fancake banner for round 11 science fiction: thematic multi-fandom recs

(is it also too much to ask for post-colonial sci-fi recs? Or f/f ghost in the shell works, since that's actually canon?)

Dragon Age: Redemption
Dragon Age: Redemption is a six-part web series set in the world of the EA/Bioware RPG Dragon Age. The series tells the story of Tallis, an Elvish assassin, who gets a last chance at redemption when she's sent to capture a rogue Qunari mage intent on wreaking havoc in the world.

The Mortal Kombat: Legacy series and the RCVR series (also part of the Machinima original series) seems to have better production values overall, but since only episode one has been released thus far, I'm still curious to see how far they might take it.

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Youtube Link to season 1 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Synopsis: Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world of MORTAL KOMBAT. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are obsessed with reigning over various realms (parallel universes) and the winners of Mortal Kombat competitions are granted supreme control over these worlds. The Earthrealm (Earth) is an unconscious participant in this competition and only a few select humans understand the consequences of losing Mortal Kombat and what it will mean to Earth. In a universe with powerful evil sorcerers, cyborgs, Gods and movie stars, this Mortal Kombat digital media series drives a cohesive understanding of what this Universe is all about.

Why you should watch this:
Better storyline than the original movies, and it has pretty good action sequences.

Why Femslashers should watch this:
If you're a fan of Jeri Ryan (aka 7 of Star Trek: Voyager fame) she plays Sonya! :DD She's in "Jax, Sonya and Kano" (Part 1 and 2).


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