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...of adding bookmarks to Pinboard and doing some archival updates on the previous post, but to prevent it from being too cluttered, I've got some new links that I'll share here.

It seems that the Pinboard Feature Request Survey is now up. Let's see what the results will be like.

Brazil's Girl Power: Machisma by Cynthia Gorney (National Geographic September 2011)
"How a mix of female empowerment and steamy soap operas helped bring down Brazil’s fertility rate and stoke its vibrant economy."
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Which is why you have a lot more non femslash fanfic related links.

[personal profile] snarp: "Recommend some fantasy BDSMy books for me. Lesbians preferred."

[staff profile] gleefsbigbang: authors are starting to post their glee femslash big bang fics. There will be another slew of updates on the 19th, if writers stick to the schedule.

[personal profile] thelastgoodname: The Writer as God. Does "the three axes of approach--god-creator vs. ignorant narrator; random access vs. linear development; detailed outline vs. headlong flings and wrong turns--overlap at all? Does one say something about the other? Does it even make sense to think about these variables?"

[livejournal.com profile] cupidsbow: The Formula for Writing Sex Scenes using SGA slash examples (kudos to [personal profile] dharma_slut).

Mona Eltahawy: Let me, a Muslim feminist, confuse you (The Star) (kudos to [personal profile] akilanajmah)
"I'm no fool. I know that terrible violations of women's rights are committed in the name of my faith. But Islam belongs to me too. I'm in a boxing ring. On one side is Bill Keller's right wing: bigoted and xenophobic. On the other side is the Muslim right wing, which uses Islam against me to fuel its misogyny."

Femslash Case Study: Bitch Slap
A couple posts back someone in a meta post asked why femslash flourished in some really obscure categories as opposed to others. A perfect case study to ponder upon would be Bitch Slap (2009; trailer); it's a movie that had oodles of maintext femslash but resulted in very little femslash fanfic. more... )

Now, onto what you were originally here for...the recs.

Lost Girl(2), HP(3) )

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