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[personal profile] kouredios's fannish friending meme (via [personal profile] havocthecat)
Since there has been a large fannish migration to Tumblr, this meme is specifically for those who want to continue to have fannish conversations on LJ/DW.

Tumblr is great for visuals and re-blogging; not so much for conversations.
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[personal profile] dreiser just established herself on DW (yay!) but is looking for femslash communities to join.

I recently posted an update of DW F/F Links to add on to the ones from the old [community profile] girlgay profile but if you know of some more, please drop a comment; thanks!

[personal profile] elleth: Roundup: The Latest LJ Fail (And Fails to Come), First Steps on DW.
Remember my last post about how LJ was going to get rid of comment topics? It happened. There's already a CSS work-around available, but there seems to be a lot of people making back-ups at DW. I say back-ups because I doubt many will actually move.

[personal profile] mirabella: I just kind of felt like this needed to be said.
"Fandom has, like, a ten-year history of screaming blue murder about changes and then failing to leave or even stop buying paid accounts. Then you're all incredulous because the owners of LJ won't listen to you. Of course they won't listen to you. Why should they? You've taught them that there is literally nothing they can do that is so bad that you'll leave the service over it."

[personal profile] rydra_wong is hosting a Giant Community Rec-O-Matic!
Here's how it works: You leave a comment saying what sort of comms you'd be interested in finding on Dreamwidth (or you could ask people to rec comms on the basis of your profile interests). Other people reply to you with recs for active comms that are relevant to your interests.

fancake banner for round 13 soulbonding: thematic multi-fandom recs

When You Get Older by [archiveofourown.org profile] evewithanapple (Hanna/Sophie)
Two years after her brush with a mysterious girl and an even more mysterious government agency, Sophie is now in her first year of university, concentrating on her studies and trying not to think about the girl who still haunts her thoughts. But when Hanna unexpectedly drops back into her life, Sophie can no longer ignore what the other girl represents- to the world, and to herself.

Read this a while ago, when victoria.p on pinboard first rec'ed it, and found the concept to be quite nicely fleshed out.
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just as I'm headed off for a reunion dinner. Happy lunar new year to those who celebrate it! :)

[personal profile] skud: Ebook discussions flying under the radar (via [personal profile] starlady)
On gendered spaces on the internet: "there was a really fascinating, complicated, crunchy conversation going on, mostly among women, mostly on LJ/DW, that the tech blogs and other parts of the web don’t seem to have noticed."

[personal profile] skud: Wanted: recommended DW journals for non DWers

Useful links: epub fanfic archives, useful ebook links... )

recs: little women(1), sherlock (2) )
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Lesbian Steampunk
Saw the table of contents for "Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories" referenced by [personal profile] starlady on Latest Things this morning. Conceptually the project sounds very cool, but will it work? There's a sample of one of the stories as a teaser. It should come out in December of this year.

Dreamwidth-Related Links

Some DW people I follow (I don't just read femslash and pr0n lol):
[personal profile] ajnabieh is writing an ethnography about Arab communities in New York and has rather articulate posts about her research and academia.
[personal profile] nonniemous often linkspams about happenings relevant to History and Archaeology.
[personal profile] novapsyche often linkspams to politically relevant news articles.

Some Feeds I Follow:
[syndicated profile] beatonna_feed (Kate Beaton's history-inspired comics (comedy))
[syndicated profile] fuckyouverymuch_feed (interesting picture spams)
[syndicated profile] oglaf_comic_feed (NSFW fantasy-inspired comic (comedy))
[syndicated profile] wonderella_comic_feed (female anti-hero comic (comedy))
[syndicated profile] xkcd_feed (stick figure comic (comedy, nerd-wisdom))

[community profile] girlgay - check out the userinfo for like-minded communities
[syndicated profile] femslash_today_feed (LJ's femslash today feed)
[syndicated profile] uberetc_feed (Uber Etc (multi-genre f/f fanfic link updates) feed)
[personal profile] leavethesky (fellow femslash rec'er)

Some useful DW links:
What to do with Dreamwidth: a list of tutorials and information by [personal profile] stepps
Layouts on Dreamwidth by [personal profile] antagonist
HTML Codes to reproduce LiveJournal Links by [profile] thevressclan


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