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American Censorship Day: Nov 16
"On 11/16, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join all of us on the 16th to stop this bill."

Bookshelf Porn
What it says on the tin. *drools*

[community profile] thelittlebang (The Femslash Little Bang) recently completed posting.

fancake banner for round 12 apocalypse & dystopia: thematic multi-fandom recs

Mostly femslash recs: Glee (3), HP (2), W:13/Fringe (1) (warning: adult, NSFW) )
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I'm in a super happy mood right now; I just found out that my good friend M managed to get me a personalized copy of Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant during her book tour. Thanks, M, for being awesome!

Participants from [community profile] ladiesbigbang have started to post! Here's the posting schedule.

At [community profile] fancake this months's rec theme is science fiction. Would appreciate some femslash recs over there:

fancake banner for round 11 science fiction: thematic multi-fandom recs

(is it also too much to ask for post-colonial sci-fi recs? Or f/f ghost in the shell works, since that's actually canon?)

Dragon Age: Redemption
Dragon Age: Redemption is a six-part web series set in the world of the EA/Bioware RPG Dragon Age. The series tells the story of Tallis, an Elvish assassin, who gets a last chance at redemption when she's sent to capture a rogue Qunari mage intent on wreaking havoc in the world.

The Mortal Kombat: Legacy series and the RCVR series (also part of the Machinima original series) seems to have better production values overall, but since only episode one has been released thus far, I'm still curious to see how far they might take it.

Recs: Glee (2) )
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Via [community profile] ebooks: The Smell of Books
Does your Kindle leave you feeling like there’s something missing from your reading experience?


Short Fiction
None of your Business by Natalia Klyuchareva (Words Without Borders) (kudos to [personal profile] yumiyoshi)
"A young boy tries to discipline his alcoholic parents, to shock them into changing their ways. Wallows in the depravity of human nature, yet the story (and the people) carry on."

Came across this story through DW's Latest Things; there's something really interesting about this one.

Mostly Femslash Recs: Bitch Slap (1), Glee (2), HP (5), Oglaf (2), Sherlock (1), Spartacus: Blood and Sand (1) (warning: adult, not work-safe) )
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I have decided to update the Femslash Escapist Adventure 10 list rather than leave a broken link in perpetuity. After some thought, I've crossed out Anik's Jungle Fever (since it's headed for publication) and added Sharon Bowers' totally classic X-Files/Silence of the Lambs cross-over fic, Phases of Fire. This one exhibited all the signs of tight writing, fairly spot on characterization, and great case fic. It also has the dubious honor of being the first femslash work that I've read (and kept me reading, obviously lol). There's an element of nostalgia there, yes, but the work stands for itself. Unlike many, it still stands strong against the test of time...

For those interested in reading accessibility issues, I saw this article on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books today: The Blind Teaching the Reader: An Interview. Related: TOC 2011: Jim Fruchterman, "Making the Book Truly Accessible".

Also, via [community profile] ebooks: HarperCollins is trying to set an amount for how many times a digital ebook can be lent, and access to patron information. Librarians, e-book library users, and others are waving pitchforks at the moment, it seems. Here's a resource guide I spotted on a twitter feed.

There's definitely some great content being shared on the O'Reilly "Tools of Change for Publishing 2011" conference channel. Some highlights: TOC 2011: Margaret Atwood, "The Publishing Pie: An Author's View" (here's her interview after her keynote), TOC 2011: Kathy Sierra, "Creating Passionate Users", and Dana Newman's interview (she's a lawyer who deals with transactional and intellectual property law). Ex libris: TOC 2011: Anna Gerber & Britt Iverson, "Visual Editions: Part Revolution, Part Reinvention..." (very cool!)
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(1) More on gendered spaces on the internet.
New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets (kudos to [personal profile] lian)
Based on a survey of 300,000+ users: "Although men and women follow a similar number of Twitter users, men have 15% more followers than women. Men also have more reciprocated relationships, in which two users follow each other. This 'follower split' suggests that women are driven less by followers than men, or have more stringent thresholds for reciprocating relationships."

Where Are the Women in Wikipedia? (kudos to [personal profile] terriko)
"...despite [Wikipedia's] openness, surveys suggest that less than 15 percent of Wikipedia's contributors are women."

(2) Two "Daily" newspapers: showcasing the technology disparity between the rich and poor
US$0.14 a day: 'The Daily' launched for iPad* (BBC) vs Alfred Sirleaf's free 'Daily Talk' chalkboard newspaper in Monrovia, Liberia (Monocle).

*=someone has already created an index of all the free web-friendly articles here so you can have a peek without the iPad or having to pay for it (why?).

Update 6/2/11:
(3) For eneri (and gonz, by way of extension), since I know the two of you are foodies at heart: Potluck, "a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights, and cultural and racial issues." (kudos to [personal profile] starlady)

Useful Links
FanFictionDownloader (kudos to [personal profile] beatrice_otter)
Downloads ff.net, squidge, and fanficauthors.net fics into ePub, PDF, RTF, TXT, Mobi, LIT, LRF, and other formats.

Recs: Fringe, HP, Sherlock (warning: not work-safe) )
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[personal profile] troisroyaumes: On Piracy and copyright (kudos to [personal profile] starlady)
This linkspam round up reminded me of Der Spiegel's No Copyright Law: The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion? by Frank Thadeusz which was published sometime ago.

Just inherited my dad's iPad. more technobabble about using iPad to read... )

Recs femslash: Fringe (2), Harry Potter (1), Warehouse 13 (1) (warning: adult, not work-safe) )

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Did you know that the British Museum and British Library have some of the biggest collections of smut in the world? I'll have to make up an excuse to see some of this the next time I visit. *dryly*

And now for some recs...

HP, LotS, RPF (warning: not work-safe) )


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