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Huffington Post: PayPal Takes Controversial Stance Against Sex
[community profile] ebooks has a couple of posts and threads devoted to this Smashwords issue but [personal profile] elf narrows down the core issues.

[personal profile] ailelie's upcoming queer women ezine Plunge Magazine managed to reach their target goal of $2,000 on their kickstart page, thanks to some nice donors. Congratulations! Submissions for the first issue (coming out in February 2013, I believe) open in July. Any additional donations will go toward reducing costs for funding issues 3 and 4, as well as covering for KS and Amazon's cuts.

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1. [personal profile] kate_nepveu's post at [community profile] ebooks linked to Barbara O'Neil and Jennifer Crusie talking about digital publishing. Here's an excerpt about publishing older works:
[Barbara:] I know people howl about this, but honestly, at 99c, I’m getting the same royalty I got per book in print.


Jenny: The thing about the .99 price point is that it was great at getting new readers when not very many people were doing it. And there are a lot of people who browse the .99 cent lists so it’s a way of getting new readers. But ultimately it’s a loss leader, and writers have to look at what it does to the perception of value of their books.
(More? Part 1, Part 2)

2. [personal profile] ira_gladkova: The OTW Server Poll and Fannish Diversity
An interesting look behind the scenes.

3. This blog about leather and leatherworking is oh so pretty. *remembers DW's limited styles, ability to post photos and/or reblog easily, and sighs*
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I have decided to update the Femslash Escapist Adventure 10 list rather than leave a broken link in perpetuity. After some thought, I've crossed out Anik's Jungle Fever (since it's headed for publication) and added Sharon Bowers' totally classic X-Files/Silence of the Lambs cross-over fic, Phases of Fire. This one exhibited all the signs of tight writing, fairly spot on characterization, and great case fic. It also has the dubious honor of being the first femslash work that I've read (and kept me reading, obviously lol). There's an element of nostalgia there, yes, but the work stands for itself. Unlike many, it still stands strong against the test of time...

For those interested in reading accessibility issues, I saw this article on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books today: The Blind Teaching the Reader: An Interview. Related: TOC 2011: Jim Fruchterman, "Making the Book Truly Accessible".

Also, via [community profile] ebooks: HarperCollins is trying to set an amount for how many times a digital ebook can be lent, and access to patron information. Librarians, e-book library users, and others are waving pitchforks at the moment, it seems. Here's a resource guide I spotted on a twitter feed.

There's definitely some great content being shared on the O'Reilly "Tools of Change for Publishing 2011" conference channel. Some highlights: TOC 2011: Margaret Atwood, "The Publishing Pie: An Author's View" (here's her interview after her keynote), TOC 2011: Kathy Sierra, "Creating Passionate Users", and Dana Newman's interview (she's a lawyer who deals with transactional and intellectual property law). Ex libris: TOC 2011: Anna Gerber & Britt Iverson, "Visual Editions: Part Revolution, Part Reinvention..." (very cool!)
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just as I'm headed off for a reunion dinner. Happy lunar new year to those who celebrate it! :)

[personal profile] skud: Ebook discussions flying under the radar (via [personal profile] starlady)
On gendered spaces on the internet: "there was a really fascinating, complicated, crunchy conversation going on, mostly among women, mostly on LJ/DW, that the tech blogs and other parts of the web don’t seem to have noticed."

[personal profile] skud: Wanted: recommended DW journals for non DWers

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Thanks to Latest Things, a strange DW-only feature I never knew I would have liked until I had it, I found out that you can download ebook versions of fanfics on AO3. I have yet to try it since my PDA is busted--do you have to be a member of AO3 to use that feature? How does it work for series? The AO3 functionality should complement existing archives of femslash-oriented fanfic ebooks. Grr. This makes me want to get a dedicated e-reader even more. Luckily colored e-ink ereaders (which was on my wanted features list) should be out either this year or more widely by next year, although the pricing has yet to be set.

On to some femslash recs!

R&I, True Blood, Warehouse 13 (warning: not safe for work!) )
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Does it mean you've hit the limelight if e-book pirates chose to share your work online? If so, congratulations!

Curiously, I was looking at Karin Kallmaker's list of Ye Olde Myths of Piracy and was unsatisfied with the supporting evidence. The "myth" about authors actually earning more money? Well, it's not a myth in the sense that it's not real. Mercedes Lackey and several other authors who were part of the Baen Free Library experiment had sales of their books increase after they released it for free in 2002. Even MIT press and other academic presses had several works lifted out of obscurity and sold more printed copies precisely because the works were available for free. Obviously, this does not translate unilaterally across the board, but it's good to know all the facts on hand before we make a judgment.


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