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The Current Process
1. I read a fic.

2. I decide that I like the fic.

3. I bookmark the fic in a 'to rec' folder.

4. I keep adding many fics in this fashion, until my 'to rec' folder becomes too long and unruly that I have to scroll down to reach the end. By this time my earlier additions (towards the top of the folder) are at least a few days old and I would have read many other things.

5. I browse my 'to rec' folder and re-read the fics again, often quickly, for a few things:

(a) the impact factor (if it made a deeper impression (on me), I can actually remember a few details and have a fairly good impression of later parts of the fic when I'm scrolling down the earlier parts);

(b) how the rec might fit into the larger recommendation set (does the fic offer anything interesting that other fics might not?).

6. I decide whether some fics are worth recommending and/or mentioning. This usually takes place simultaneously with step 7.

7. I write and code a draft of my recs post. This takes at least a few hours. What takes the longest is probably the part where I add appropriate non-spoiler commentary to accompany the recs that doesn't just say, "it's good/hot/awesome, please read it."

Note: I should add a caveat that on IRC, that would fly; for some reason, however, people like reading longer descriptive posts on the blogosphere. For that very reason, I tend to rec more fics on IRC, particularly fics that are less...substantive. :P

8. I delete my 'to rec' list in preparation for the next batch.

9. Once in a blue moon I check my 'to read' bookmarks folder to try to clear it. These contain WIPs, long series I might have read half-way, and fics that others have rec'ed that I have yet to read.

10. Repeat 1-9.

I've always wanted to organize my rec by themes - eg: the female lesbian pirate captain trope, fic couplets (what kind of fics would go well together?), and fics by genre (eg: angst, mystery, romance, x-overs, etc.).


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